Breakfast of the Day: Oatmeal 

Rise and shine foodies! This is your morning wake up call! Smell the coffee, smell the roses! It’s my favorite breakfast of the day and that is, you guessed it, oatmeal! You can have it with a side of toast, fruit, coffee, muffin, and fresh orange juice. So let’s get those juices flowing inside of us and have a blessed and successful morning😀❤️!

Fresh fruits (Breakfast Week)

Good morning! Rise and shine! This is your breakfast guide Shandra from The Adventurous Foodie Blog and today I’m going to share with you a very healthy breakfast and that is a piece of fruit. Biting into it is like putting a piece of sunshine in your mouth.

For me personally I love to juice my fruits sometimes or even make a smoothie. It always cleanses the palate and helps with brain function. Grab a piece of fruit for breakfast this morning. Snack on!